Shipping & Returns


Shipping Domestic + International

Until we know how many orders to plan for, where they are going, and how many folks order more than one, we won’t be able to accurately estimate the shipping costs. We’re working with an international shipping agent and life-cycle manufacturing specialist to determine the lowest-cost, most environmentally supportive way of getting you beautiful products at a great price. We’ll keep you updated with developments.


All pre-orders placed between Sept. 15, 2017 and April 15, 2018 will be ineligible for refunds until the product has been shipped. If, for some reason the product does not ship on or before April 15, 2018, all pre-orders will be eligible for a 92% refund.

Why 92%? Because this is a new product and instead of going on Kickstarter where they take 8% of money raised, that 8% goes directly to setting up skills-training for refugees. Yay! 


We’re headed into production soon. Once we work out the kinks, we’ll have a solid return policy that makes you happy.