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ethically designed products for a beautiful home and better world

REFUGE is proud to launch our inaugural collection of homegoods with Emily Katz, founder and ceo of Modern Macramé.


Working with Refugees

REFUGE is a social benefit company dedicated to improving the lives of refugees - one beautiful product at a time.

From the factory where the rope is made to the atelier where the pieces are woven, each product is handcrafted by Syrian women refugees. 


Making + Dyeing the String

This string factory has over 800 books of custom dyes and a team of scientists creating new colors every day. Here they spin the string, dye it, and wind it into large bobbins that go to the rope factory.


Customizing the Color

At the rope factory, we carefully choose string to create our custom rope colors and weights. The individual bobbins are staged and are blended into a new spool ready to be twisted into rope.  

Photo Aug 02, 11 50 58 AM.jpg

Ready to Rope

Once the new spool is ready, we determine the weight, tension, and gauge of the rope.  It then goes into the rope machine to be twisted. JAC will be released with three custom colors: Vintage Linen, Indigo, and Coal. 


How we got started...

After a heavy rain on a balmy afternoon in Nashville, REFUGE founder, Ray Boyle and her sister were locked out of the house. While waiting for a roommate to arrive, she tried to take a seat and found that every outdoor chair had a puddle of water in it. Frustrated, she wondered: 

"Why can’t these be beautiful, comfortable, and last more than two summers of infrequent use?"  

Within moments, the vision for JAC - a chair with elegant midcentury lines, the relaxed comfort of knits and linens, the strength of walnut and brass, and the versatility of a collapsible chair that could be enjoyed year-round, inside and out - came to mind.

In a brainstorming session for JAC in March 2017, friend and collaborator Emily Katz said, “I’ve got a rope guy in Turkey.”

That moment changed everything about this project. It was no longer just a chair. This was going to be something that could create a space for people to come together, rebuild their lives, and begin anew - one beautifully, sustainably, and ethically designed product at a time. 


JAC ... really is more than Just A Chair



Hand-woven macrame seat. Warm solid-wood and brass. Mid-century modern lines. JAC looks just as beautiful next to a fire inside as it does on a mountain top.



Sling it over your shoulder for a quick summer trip.  Wrap it up and bring it inside for extra winter time seating or a permanently sweet spot to get cozy. JAC goes wherever you go - year round.

sitting with smile.jpeg


With its wide base and tall frame it’s easy for folks of all sizes to find the perfect spot for relaxing. The breathable macrame seat forms to your body and lets the breeze cool you all the way around.

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