JAC Journey: Return to Istanbul

It’s been three and a half months since JAC launched semi-publicly.  We met with UNDP, UNHCR, UNV, non-profits, refugee communities, the Turkish Labor Ministry, and many many others. We discovered that there are just as many roadblocks to implementation as there are creative solutions to overcoming them. The private and non-profit sectors in Istanbul are nimble, eager, and willing to get to yes! 

After returning to the U.S. we added three more products to the REFUGE website, secured our production partners, finalized all the paperwork, and scheduled our first training with Syrian refugees in Istanbul. We are on track to ship our first batch of JAC chairs in April! 

Exciting things are on the horizon as we meet with more local designers to plan out our next collections. Stay tuned for more as the #jacjourney continues.

Ray Boyle